Feed The Beast are excited to bring forward our ambassador programme!

Our ambassador program is an exclusive community of dedicated car and detailing enthusiasts who share a love for exceptional automotive care. As part of our family, these select individuals embody the spirit of Feed The Beast, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to showcasing the true potential of their vehicles through meticulous detailing.

Our aim is to build a passionate community. We are not here just to use your followers, we want to expand the Feed The Beast family with people willing to support us in return for us supporting you.

Our ambassadors are the face of Feed The Beast, proudly advocating for our products. Through their public presence, whether at car shows, social media platforms, or local events, they share their experiences and success stories, creating a ripple effect of enthusiasm.

As valued members of the Feed The Beast family, ambassadors enjoy exclusive benefits such as early access to new products, special discounts, and personalized Feed The Beast merchandise. We believe in rewarding the passion and dedication of our ambassadors.

Ambassadors have the exciting opportunity to collaborate on projects, such as creating content, hosting detailing workshops, or participating in product development. This collaborative approach ensures that our ambassadors actively contribute to shaping the future of Feed The Beast.

The Ambassador Program fosters a supportive network where like-minded individuals can connect, share insights, and build lasting relationships. From online forums to exclusive events, our ambassadors have the chance to network with fellow enthusiasts.

Are you ready to become a part of the Feed The Beast family? If you are a passionate car enthusiast with a love for detailing and a desire to represent a brand committed to excellence, we invite you to apply for our Ambassador Program. Together, let's Feed The Beast and drive the standards of automotive detailing to new heights!

Note: The selection process for ambassadors involves a thorough evaluation of applicants based on their passion, expertise, and commitment to the values of Feed The Beast.